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Corporate Governance


The group has corporate governance practices through the Board of Directors, Internal and External Audits, adherence to current legislation and the most modern management practices.


This Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to consolidate our values and establish the fundamental guidelines and foundations for the exercise of our activities, always striving for compliance with the ethical and moral principles intrinsic to our Group and which have remained in vogue since its foundation.

We also establish definitions and rules to be complied with in the face of situations and postures understood as inappropriate and contrary to the principles established herein, as well as investigation procedures and punishment mechanisms to be applied to those who come to fail to comply with our rules of conduct.

Governance | Grupo Monto


The Monto Group's Code of Ethics and Compliance reflects the standards of corporate conduct adopted in the regular exercise of its activities, in an ethical, transparent, always committed to promoting the fight against any type of fraud or corruption, as provided by law. 

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